A screenshot of aricle2audio's Listen screen that shows that a user can listen to all converted articles in their favorite podcast app
A screenshot of aricle2audio's main screen that shows a list of articles and a button Convert, which converts the article to audio

Want the best experience listening to articles and blogs?

article2audio is the next-generation and best-in-class text-to-speech application focused on web content. It understands and enhances English articles and blog posts prior to converting them to audio, making listening easier and more natural.

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👇 Check out these audio samples 👇Check out these samples

Sample 1: The problem-solver’s playbook: 17 questions to sharpen your thinking

This is a post from Medium. Compare the difference in audio our audio with TTS from Medium (if you have a paid membership).


Sample 2: Never struggle to give feedback

A post from HighGrowthEngineer.com. Shows how the app handles list items, quotes, and images. to compare!


Here's how article2audio stands out from the rest of text-to-speech apps

This is a Beta version. We are working hard to improve.


Descriptive imagery

With our AI, images are no longer a silent spot. We give a hint (and sometimes even more) of what's in them.


Table summaries

No more line-by-line table readings! Article2audio app synthesizes the essence of tables, giving you the key takeaways.


Complex text interpretation

Whether it's programming code or intricate pre-formatted text, our software tells you what's in it without overwhelming you with details.


Meaningful voice-overs

No more generic audio reads! We enhance the text before a voice-over, making it more natural and easy to listen to.


We only support English and have no plans to add other languages soon.

We currently offer two American English voice options: one male and one female.

The easiest way to listen to the audio is to use Podcast apps. Android and iOS have built-in Podcast apps. You can also download mp3 files if you prefer.

The app works best with articles and blog posts. But you can also enter a URL of any web page and we will try to convert it to audio.

The author of the source material owns the rights of generated audio files. So unless you're the author, you need to get the author's consent to be able to share or distribute audio files or a personal podcast URL feed generated for you by article2audio.

The audio files produced by article2audio can be used both online and offline, for broadcasting and on the radio, and can even be remixed and included in other materials as long as you have the necessary rights to use the source text.

Commercial use is permitted for all created content. There are no ongoing royalties or usage rights for the voices beyond the regular account cost.

Simple pricing, no commitment

You will pay $4 for one hour of generated audio

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